Microblading or Ombre?

What's right for you?

Semi-permanent eyebrows give people an option to have the full, fluffy, or defined brows they've always wanted. Unfortunately, microblading is getting all the attention, even when there's options better suited to the people most likely to seek brow enhancement. So it's time to shine a light on the brow method that deserves a little more recognition: Ombre.

Ombre brows are created using a series of small dots and shading instead of the stroke technique used in microblading. The effect is softer and less obvious than microblading.

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Who is best suited for Ombre?

Ombre is suitable for just about everyone, because it’s so easily tailored to your individual needs. Missing some hair on the tails of your brows? Ombre is for you! Tired of filling them in with eyebrow pencil everyday? Ombre can remove eyebrow maintenance from your morning routine. Don’t have any hair at all? Ombre may not make it look like you’ve got full bushy eyebrows, but it results in a natural powder look instead of the awkward and obvious eyebrow stamps that would be achieved through microblading.

"Won't microblading look more natural?"

You might think that a technique designed to copy your natural hair strokes would leave you with the most natural result, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case. While microblading can look great after the initial healing process, the strokes often fade outwards, resulting in chunky and blurry lines.

People with thin or sensitive skin, red undertones, oily skin, acne, or very little natural eyebrow hair will look back on their microbladed brows and wish they’d known about the other options. It is often impossible to cover poorly done or faded microblading strokes, and even touch-ups can’t do much to fix them. 

Old microblading strokes that are faded and very visible underneath a client's natural eyebrows

This isn't our work, but it's something we noticed early on with microblading in our own business. Over time, those 'natural' strokes fade and blur into a messy gray outline that extends far beyond the client's natural eyebrow.

Why choose Ombre?

Ombre brows are different. Instead of thin hair-like strokes that tend to fade outward, this technique is focused on creating a more delicate and long-lasting look. It’s similar to the effect you would have from filling your brows in with an eyebrow pencil, but perfectly tailored to your shape and style.

Overall, Ombre eyebrows will last longer, fade better, and keep the skin under your brows healthier. Because microblading is done with a small blade that cuts into the brow, the skin builds up scar tissue with every additional session. Ombre is both gentler and lasts longer than microblading. 

And when they do fade? They will fade evenly, be soft at the edges, and will not leave behind any of the blurry gray pigment that microblading is known for.

Microblading is not ideal for a large amount of our clients.

People with:

are often not eligible for microblading. This is because of the risks involved, including increased bleeding, skin damage, and quick fading. If you experience any of these issues, Ombre is your best option to achieve fuller brows.

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Looking for more info? We do case studies! Here's a few of our favorites:

A chart showing the differences between AS ombre brows and other artists' ombre brows. On the AS side, it says no pre-framing, lighter to dark pigment from front to tail for smoother transition, and smooth transition from front to tail for natural results. On the other artists side, it says Pre-framing for a faster procedure, medium/deep pigment for defined healing, and bold brows with less transition

It’s important to know that 

Not all Ombre is created equal.

Here at Aphrodite’s Secret, we have mastered our ombre technique through years of study and practice. When we create your perfect eyebrows, we freehand draw the shape so that they don’t look boxy or sharp. Each client has a unique bone structure and needs their brows tailored to them. The goal is to achieve a very natural look for your everyday life. 

While we specialize in and recommend ombre brows, everyone should have a consultation before scheduling their brow service. Even if you're 100% certain that you want brow enhancements, we strongly recommend a consultation anyway.

Make the right choice the first time.

Our free consultations include:

  • Customized eyebrow drawing to determine the best shape for your everyday life
  • Color-matching to find the best match for your skin and hair color
  • Detailed technique discussion with our highly experienced brow artists

These consultations come with no pressure or requirement to follow through with the service. It is completely free and you can decide whether you want the service after the consultation. 

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