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A man receiving an eyebrow wax to remove the hair between his two brows.

Men's Wax

This in-depth mapping and waxing method will give your brows definition and shape.

This service is very similar to our regular brow sculpt, but designed specifically for men. This just means that we map a different shape and plan for slightly longer appointment.

Brow sculpting is a better eyebrow wax: while most wax places quickly remove the small hairs surrounding your natural eyebrow shape, Aphrodite's Secret prefers to sculpt the brow. Instead of just waxing, we focus on precision mapping so that we create the best shape for you. Our professional balancing method ensures even and defined brows.

If your brows require a little extra attention, we also offer tweezing at an additional cost. 




  • Gives better shape than your average brow wax
  • Decreases chance of ingrown hairs compared to shaving
  • Keeps your natural shape so that eyebrows stay strong

"I had a brow sculpt where they used brow mapping and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. They are so gentle when they wax, great customer service and my eyebrows look better than ever. 10/10 recommend!"

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