Laser removal machine being used on the eyebrow area to remove old microblading

Permanent Makeup Laser Removal

A removal method for old microblading or eyebrow tattoos that doesn't damage your brow hair.

This service is ideal for clients that may have old microblading or tattoo work that cannot be covered up or corrected with new permanent makeup. 

If the eyebrows are very dark, uneven, or otherwise unseemly, laser removal treatments can help lighten the existing pigment until the permanent makeup is no longer noticeable or is light enough for correction.

Why choose us? We use a specialty laser machine that is intended for the removal of permanent brows and eyeliner. This laser won't damage your brow hairs, and has less downtime than the average laser removal treatment. Most clients have minimal scabbing, with redness that goes away after only a few days.

*Results vary, and we cannot guarantee that the pigment will be completely gone.

Cost varies, depending on severity.



  • Lightens existing permanent makeup
  • Specialty laser doesn't remove hair 
  • Minimal downtime

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