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Lash and Eyeliner Services

Permanent make up eyeliner procedure, applying on a young woman.

Permanent Eyeliner

Our permanent eyeliner technique involves the usage of applying semi-permanent and eye-safe ink along the lash line to create an eyeliner look. The thickness of the line is determined by your taste, lifestyle, and what our esthetician thinks will look best.

Lash Tint

Lash Tint

We will start the service by applying a protective eye balm to the lower eyelid to protect it from the tint. We will then place a paper eye shield under the bottom lashes to protect the lower lid as well. We will then apply a shield to the top of the eyelid to prevent any other staining on the top portion of the eye. 

Person having their eyelashes lifted by an esthetician who is wearing black gloves

Lash Lift

An alkaline chemical solution will then be applied to the lashes, and they will be wrapped around a specialized silicone rod or shield to create the shape and direction of the lashes.  The size of the rod or shield will depend on how you want the lashes to look, and can be determined in your consultation.