Skincare consultation is required before purchasing.

Eyebrow Services

An ombre machine for permanent eyebrows depositing pigment into eyebrows

Ombre, Nano, Microblading

Semi-permanent makeup solutions for sparse brows. Free consultations. 

A girl's eyebrows being brushed with a solution for lamination

Eyebrow Lamination

A perm for your brows that helps them stay fuller for longer. Perfect for that fluffy look.

A girl's brow being brushed upwards by a pink eyebrow brush for shaping

Eyebrow Sculpt

A detailed eyebrow wax that utilizes a brow mapping technique to avoid over-waxing.

A man getting between his eyebrows waxed

Gentleman's Wax

Our detailed eyebrow wax, but with a strong and defined look.

pink wax spread over an eyebrow

PMU Fast Wax

Quick wax for our existing PMU clients who already have a well-defined shape. 

Dye being spread over a woman's brow with a brush for a tint

Eyebrow Tint

Stain for hair and skin for darker, fuller eyebrows.

A man getting between his eyebrows waxed

APHS Brow Drawing Course

A one-on-one experience where you learn what methods and products to use.


We've been thinking a lot about our clients who need some extra help when it comes to eyebrow pencils, and so we are now offering a one-on-one drawing class where you can learn how to fill in your own brows! This class will help you customize your technique to your own eyebrows, from products to methods to tools.