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Client receiving an eyelash tint

Lash Lift

This method uses a solution to curl your lashes upwards.

Lash lifting is a process that involves curling the lashes to create a more lifted look, resulting in fuller looking lashes. The lashes are curled around a silicon rod and kept in shape using a setting lotion. This service is frequently paired with an eyelash tint, which also makes the lashes look thicker and fuller.

Our service uses keratin infused products to help keep lashes strong. Lash lifts can sometimes dry out lashes with frequent services, but a Keratin lash lift provides additional benefits of nourishment and strengthening. This makes the risk of damage much lower than a typical chemical lash lift.




  • Longer, thicker lashes without the daily maintenance
  • Like a perm for your lashes
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance

"My results were so spectacular that people think I have extensions. I have scuba dived and still have curled lashes! I am 50+ and feel like a princess!"

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