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Lash Lift

Eyelashes being curled up over a silicon rod during a lash lift

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Lash Lifting?

This method uses a solution to curl your lashes upwards.

Lash lifting is a process that involves curling the lashes to create a more lifted look, resulting in fuller looking lashes. The lashes are curled around a silicon rod and kept in shape using a setting lotion. This service is frequently paired with an eyelash tint, which also makes the lashes look thicker and fuller. 

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  • Longer, thicker lashes without the daily maintenance
  • Like a perm for your lashes
  • Lasts 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance

"My results were so spectacular that people think I have extensions. I have scuba dived and still have curled lashes! I am 50+ and feel like a princess!"

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