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Brow Tint

A dark dye being spread over a girl's brow during an eyebrow tint.

Why Choose

Brow Tinting?

With several different options to choose from, brow tinting can help darken and define your brows.

We offer a standard brow tint, a henna tint, and a hybrid tint. A standard tint will last around 3 weeks, while henna tints last a little bit longer at 4-6 weeks. The longest lasting tint is the hybrid tint, which combines both methods to result in eyebrows that last up to 7 weeks. 

Before this service, we will use our brow mapping method to balance your eyebrows. Depending on the other brow maintenance needed, this may require that you also schedule a brow sculpt. This process then applies a tint of your choice to your brows, darkening light brow hairs and resulting in a fuller appearance. 

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  • Makes brows look fuller by darkening light brow hairs 
  • Decreases daily maintenance
  • Can help balance uneven eyebrows

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