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Microblading, Nano, Ombre

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Why Choose

Microblading, Nano, or Ombre Brows?

These semi-permanent methods will give you the perfect eyebrows for your every day life. 

Semi-permanent makeup as a solution for those with thin or sparse brows is becoming more and more popular. Most people are only familiar with microblading, but there's more than one option! Nano and ombre are both semi-permanent methods that are more versatile and can last longer than traditional microblading. 

We require a consultation for all our permanent makeup clients. These consultations are free and we can determine which method would be best for you, decide on your shape, and match pigments to your natural hair color. After consultation, there is no pressure to follow through with the service.

We want to make sure that you are comfortable and have all the information you need.  You can click 'Learn More' below to learn about our Signature Ombre method. 



  • Long lasting with touch-ups every 1-5 years
  • Customized shape 
  • Natural appearance

"This place is awesome. They took the time needed to explain all the different styles and techniques to me. Would highly recommend. I have light skin tone and light blond/reddish hair. Have got so many compliments on my eyebrows. Love that I can just wake up and go."

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