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Aphrodite's Secret specializes in detailed brow shaping, semi-permanent makeup, customized skincare, lash lifting, brow laminations, and more.

We have been offering consultations and services to clients both locally and online since 2014. 

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Semi-permanent makeup as a solution for those with thin or sparse brows is becoming more and more popular. Most people are only familiar with microblading, but there's more than one option! Ombre is a semi-permanent methods that is more versatile and can last longer than traditional microblading. Aphrodite's Secret used to only do traditional microblading, but we started seeing that it simply wasn't a good fit for everyone. Those with sensitive skin, sparser hair, or oily skin weren't getting the best results with microblading. So we switched our method. 

Now, Aphrodite's Secret specializes in Ombre Brows. This method is gentler on the skin, and looks more natural overall. If you want more information on Ombre Brows and what we learned, you can check out our informational post It's time to talk about Ombre.


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