Pink wax being spread above a person's eyebrow

PMU Fast Brow Wax | Detailed Sculpt 

These eyebrow waxes are reserved for clients who have had a semi-permanent eyebrow service with us.

When your brows are done at Aphrodite's Secret, we know that you already have a clean and defined shape that will only need small wax touch-ups. Because of this, we offer a cheaper and faster waxing option for those clients who have done microbladed, ombre, or nano brows with us. The fast brow wax does not include our brow mapping, but the PMU Detailed Sculpt includes brow mapping at a discounted price for our existing clients.

If you are an existing client and book one of these waxes, we will double check your history and your eyebrows and make a recommendation for which wax will best suit you.

If you book this wax and have not had a brow service with us in the past, we will call you to set up a Brow Sculpt instead. 

$15 - $20



  • Helps your semi-permanent brows look even better
  • Special offer just for our existing PMU clients
  • Enhances your natural shape

"The ladies KNOW beauty standards. They took their time to customize the best look for my specific skin type, face structure, and daily makeup use. Well worth the money if you’ve ever put time towards your eyebrows."

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