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Healed Ombre Before/After Gallery

We talk a lot about the importance of healed results. Microblading often looks very different fresh than it does 4 months down the road. For this reason, we choose to mostly share fully healed photos of our ombre brows. 

We believe in transparency when it comes to timelines of our healing and fading process. All photos are labelled with how long healed they are. We consider 'healed' to be the time that has surpassed since the client's second session. 

Color will look darker with fresh results because the pigment will fade over the following 2 weeks.  

a before and after photo of a client with ombre brows, freshly done.

Fresh Results

2 Years Healed

before and after photos of a client with a dark skin tone who is 3 months healed ombre brow

3 Months Healed

3 Months Healed

6 Months Healed

1 Year Healed

before/after photo of someone with a red undertone who is 4 months healed ombre brows

4 Months Healed

1.5 Years Healed

6 Weeks Healed

10 Months Healed

8 Months Healed

1.5 Years Healed

1 Year Healed

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