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After Model Gallery 

Service: Microblading

This client prefers to go bare face and rarely wear any makeup. Natural strokes were deposited to add fullness to the natural brow. Thick, full brows are not for everyone! A undetectable enhancement fits her lifestyle best.

Service: Ombre Eyebrow

This client already have full brows but wanted to add more to her shape and fill in the spots in the front of the brow. A shading technique was used to achieve her desired look. Our client prefers to wear makeup on a daily basis and when she does not have makeup on, likes her brows to make a statement. The ombre eyebrow techniques looks great with and without a full face. 

Service: Ombre Eybrow

This client came to us with a nice shape but eyebrow hair was fine throughout the brow. The ombre technique was used to acheive this soft look. Our client is a graduate student who is always on the move. Now she can sleep in a little bit longer before class. 

Service: Ombre Eyebrow + Brow Lamination

For clients who come in with uneven brows, we offer brow lamination service post healed microblading to even our the brows even more. You would have no idea one brow has less hair than the other!

In Spa Photos

Service: Ombre Eyebrow

This client likes to wear makeup, the ombre eyebrow with more structure was the perfect fit for her lifestyle and facial structure! 

Service: Ombre Eyebrow

Sometimes we get so excited we forget to take the before photo. A simple ombre eyebrow and a slight arch brought this client's face to life!

Service: Combination Eyebrow

Our microblading artists strive to each as much of the natural hair as possible. However, for this client her natural brow shape was direction downward, it closed off her face and aged her. We gave her brows a fuller shape as she requested and raised her arch and brow tail to give her a natural face lift!

Service: Ombre Eyebrow

Ombre eyebrow can be versatile. This client wanted something very natural. She does not wear makeup and only wanted an eyebrow enhancement. We chose our lightest pigment to fit her style, as the eyebrows fade it will look very natural.  

Service: Ombre Eyebrow

It’s always great to see a client with healed brows! This client had her first session in March, 5 months later and the color is still vibrant and natural.
We love the ombré style of eyebrow because from start to healed your brows look very natural. She couldn’t even remember what her brows looked like before she came to us!

Service: Ombre Eyebrow
This client loves to keep things natural, she wears minimal makeup and did not want her brows to stand out when she went barefaced. Because she had oily skin we decided to do an ombre eyebrow. Ombre eyebrow can look natural too!

Client Location: Grand Rapids

This client was looking for a settled polished look that once healed, was undetectable. we followed her natural shape with a slight lift in the arch to open the face and used a rich pigment that matched her newly dyed hair. Its like looking at a new woman!

Client Location: East Lansing, MI

For those who have an uneven amount of hair on their brows, the ombre technique is the better style. It allows the microblading artist to create well balanced eyebrows that enhance the face and it gives you a natural face lift!