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So you have

Scar Tissue. 

Is microblading right for you?

Whether your scarring is from microblading or you just have a scar on your brow, it's likely you've thought about covering it up. 

We see a lot of scars at Aphrodite's Secret. Unfortunately, most of them are remnants of repeated microblading sessions over the years. Because microblading is using a blade to cut into the brow repeatedly, people often see traumatized and scarred skin over time. Some are especially unlucky and end up with scar tissue after their very first session. With microblading requiring touch-ups nearly every year after the first session, the scar tissue continues to build up, becoming thicker and more obvious with each additional microblading touch-up. 

Remember: it's a blade. So if you scar easily, you're likely to be left with scar tissue. 

A lot of the clients we see at Aphrodite's Secret are people who have had microblading done previously and are looking for a better solution. Laurie came to us seeking help with her aged microblading job that she got elsewhere. While we don't frequently recommend microblading, Laurie had skin conditions that should have been ideal for it. Yet, as the pigment faded, it was clear that she had light scarring where the ink used to be. The faint red and white outlines were obvious as the ink disappeared, and she was initially looking to cover those scars with another round of microblading.

Before and after of a woman with light red scarring underneath her eyebrow from previous microblading

After photo is immediately after done. Color will become softer over the next 24 hours. 

Here are some things we wanted Laurie to know:

When you have scarred or traumatized skin, you don't want microblading. Our APHS Signature Ombre brow is gentler on the skin and doesn't result in harsh scars. For Laurie, we didn't recommend that she do another round of microblading and risk more scar tissue on her brows. She was lucky that she only had one round of microblading and came to us for her next steps. Laurie did our APHS Signature Ombre brow, and she will see slower fading, less traumatized skin, and a balanced color, even with scarred skin!

Still feeling unsure? We know it can be confusing, so we designed a quiz that can help you get a better idea of what would be the best choice for you. While we still heavily encourage a consultation, the quiz is a great first step!