So you have

Thin or Mature Skin.

Is microblading right for you?

When skin is very thin and begins to have some wrinkles, microblading becomes less and less of a preferred method. The texture of the skin causes the fine hair-like strokes of microblading to become thick and chunky.

Because thinner skin is more prone to bleeding, many people will see their microblading strokes becoming darker and turning gray. This is a result of the blood mixing with the pigment during the service. As it heals, the mixture of old blood and pigment will turn gray or black. This coloration is incredibly difficult to correct, especially since microblading strokes tend to fade and blur outward. 

Unfortunately, we see more and more people coming into Aphrodite's Secret looking for corrections to a  poorly done microblading job. As microblading becomes a more popular industry, the amount of beginner artists with limited experience continues to increase. A microblading artist only needs to take a two day course to be certified, which is not nearly enough time to learn the do's and don'ts of permanent makeup. Our artists have over ten years of experience, and have continued to learn and advance their techniques over time. This means that we are often a top choice for correction work. 

One of our clients who came in for a correction was very intent upon making sure others don't make her mistake. Virginia, a woman with more mature skin and very sparse brow hair, had her eyebrows microbladed a few years ago. By the time she came to see us, her strokes had faded into chunky lines and turned an inky black. 

An older woman laying down. Her eyebrows are a very dark gray and look like they've been drawn in marker. She had microblading.

This is not our work.

Here are some things Virginia wants you to know: 

When you have more mature skin, you don't want microblading. Our APHS Signature Ombre method creates soft and timeless brows, a reflection of the classic beauty that we find to be preferred among our older clients.

Traci had her eyebrows done with us! She had an APHS Signature Ombre and nano combination brow, which helped define her shape and keep her skin healthy without traumatizing it. The after photo is 4 months healed!

With microblading, she'd likely have similar problems to Virginia, even though she has a normal skin type. Her lack of a tail also contributes to choosing Ombre over microblading. Ombre will keep her brows looking natural for longer. 

Traci's healed coloring looks soft and natural in this updated close-up. Her color will continue to fade evenly over time, with no gray or blue in sight! We're happy that Traci chose us and can continue to be happy with her brows for years. 

Still feeling unsure? We know it can be confusing, so we designed a quiz that can help you get a better idea of what would be the best choice for you. While we still heavily encourage a consultation, the quiz is a great first step!

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