What is an AS Membership?

What is an AS membership and what does my $29.99 or $120.00 pay for?

An AS membership includes perks, skincare knowledge, free skin consulting, and store credit with every purchase that can be applied to future orders. 

When you have a question about the products you are using or a concern about your skin, your AS consultant is always available to you and will answer your questions free of charge within 1-2 business days. Unlike non-members that have to pay rates starting at $80.00 per skin consultations, our members who pay monthly are allowed 12 free consultations a year and our yearly members are allowed 4 free consultations a year. 

All post consulting conclusions are typed and sent via email or text so that our members can keep track of our recommendations and follow accordingly. 

You will be charged $29.99 monthly

If I miss my skin consultation am I still charged the $29.99

Yes, keep in mind An AS membership includes perks, skincare knowledge, free skin consulting, and store credit or reward points with every purchase that can be applied to future orders.  

You are paying for these incentives. The skin checks up are free. 

Your Skin Consultations Do Not Roll Over

If I am on a yearly membership and I do not use all 4 of my free consultations can I use them next year?

Our free consultations DO NOT roll over. These are a free service for our members and we encourage your take advantage of them. However, whether monthly or yearly if you do not use up all of your free consultations they will drop off your account at the end of the year.

We Do Not Consult Outside Products or Services

Can you help consult me on other products I use at home? Will you help recommend outside services for me?

We would love to consult all types of products from different brands, however our consultants are specifically trained on the products we offer in the Aphrodite's Secret catalog. We have an extensive list of products and our consultants are trained on which products work well together based on our client's skin type, budget, and lifestyle.  

It is very difficult to try and incorporate your brand name eye cream or moisturizer. We would have to research the ingredients and then personally test the product to see how it reacts. These services are an additional charge starting at $100.00. The same can be said for outside treatments. Aphrodite's Secret was created for the purpose of saving our clients money. The products we offer work well enough that you should not need expensive outside services to aid in your skin's improvement. These services can include laser treatments, microneedling, hydrafacials, or med-depth chemical peels. Such services such as dermatologist prescribed medication does not apply.    

If you decide to have a treatment service performed and additional free starting at $100 may be included to your monthly or yearly membership fee. This is because, depending on your skin's condition post service, a new regimen will have to be customized and research will need to be done based on the service performed. 

We Do Not Issue Refunds

If I want to pause my membership can I get a refund for the skin consultations I did not use?

Aphrodite's Secret does not issue refunds for any unused skin consultations. The skin consultation service are free to our members and therefore we cannot issue a refund for a free service. If you decide to pause your membership you forfeit your membership status until you decide to reactivate your membership in which case a $150 reactivation fee will be issued. 

Our monthly and yearly memberships have a 3-month minimum.

You do have a statutory legal right to cancel any membership of any kind within 14 days of your first purchase, with no further charges, as long as you don’t have an order pending or have already purchased products, but keep in mind, cancelling forfeits any unused store credit applied to the account or any pre-existing schedule skin checkups.
After the 14 days have expired all purchases are non-refundable.

All payments toward the Aphrodite's Secret memberships are non-refundable including the $100 enrollment fee. 

For more FAQ about Aphrodite's Secret or medical skin care click HERE.

AS Reactive Skin Membership
AS Reactive Skin Membership

AS Reactive Skin Membership

High-Level  Monthly Subscription
High-Level  Monthly Subscription

High-Level Monthly Subscription

Enrollment Fee
Enrollment Fee

Enrollment Fee

Skin Session 5 Package
Skin Session 5 Package

Skin Session 5 Package