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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Aphrodite's Secret?

We are the largest #1 medical skincare consulting company in Michigan. Our goal is to make sure that we match you with the most effective regimen to get the skin you want. We offer consultation services locally and internationally. We have a very experienced experts.

What's the difference between medical skincare products and over-the-counter skincare products?

Medical-grade skincare products have higher dosages of ingredients derived from years of research and testing to prove that our products work. Over-the-counter skincare products do not have the same regulations. We carry only the best medical skincare products. Besides our online consulting services, we also offer medical skincare consultations.

I don't have acne or other skin problems. Why would I need medical skincare consulting from Aphrodite's Secret?

Even if you don't see signs of damage or aging, it's important to make sure you are using the best products for your skin. During the consultation we can learn about your skin type and what products you need based on your skin history. An educated professional will review your current skin condition and customize a skin care regimen that includes medical-grade products. Offering our consulting services plus our products is worth the cost, because learning about your skin and how it can change will provide the best results. 

What makes Aphrodite's Secret stand out against other skincare companies?

We are the #1 medical skincare distributor in Michigan and we specialize in medical skincare consulting. When medical skincare products are used right, it will result in glowing skin. But if the products are used wrong, they could harm your skin. To ensure that the products are working for you, we offer check-up appointments and stay in touch with clients through their skincare journey.

Since every client needs check-ups, does this mean your products aren’t working?

Our client satisfaction rate is as high as its ever been. Our increase in new clients has also increased the demand for consultations and check-ups, which determine whether the products are working or not. At Aphrodite's Secret, our consultations and checkups are a beneficial addition to your skincare regimen. Checkups allow continuous progress on your skin while using the medical-grade products.

Why should I purchase a check-up package?

People risk using products without knowledge of how to use them, which can be dangerous especially with medical-grade products. It is important to come in for checkups to make sure your hand-selected products are working to get the results you desire. We have very educated estheticians who research your skin and product ingredients to successfully customize your skincare regimen. With every new product used, you need to make a checkup appointment. Please understand that not purchasing the checkup package means you are taking full responsibility to use the products without our guidance or assistance.

Why should I pay for a consultation?

In order for a medical skincare regimen to work, we need to create a long-term, client relationship to analyze the skin through the process. During the consultation, we will learn about you, your skin type, and your skincare goals. Once we gather the needed information, one of our educated estheticians will hand-pick the best products for your skin care regimen. After using the new products for a while, we can analyze how the skin is reacting to the products and adjust dosages where we see fit. 

Is simply knowing how to use a product enough?

No, check-ups are important to ensure the products react well with your skin. Doctors prescribe medication and checkup appointments all the time to make sure your body reacts well with the medicine. We use the same routine for medical skincare consulting! As the medical-grade products blend together, it could change the way it reaches your skin. That is why it is important to make a consultation with an educated esthetician to make sure you are using the products in the correct way.

Why aren’t check-ups free anymore?

Before we only sold our products and used the same regimen on every client. As our business grew, we realized everyone has unique skin. Our goal is to get the best results for our clients no matter their skin condition. We shifted our business focus to consulting and stand on the client's side to select the best products for them. Due to more research and time dedicated to consulting, we only have limited slots for checkups available. We’re switching over to appointment-based check-ups to ensure that we have a section of time just for you!

Why are there only a few brands and limited products for each brand?

Our estheticians attend skincare conventions for medical-grade skincare companies every year to narrow down only the best brands to partner with. We hand-pick the best products for each client based on information discovered during consultations and checkups.

Where are your products from?

We partner with different medical skincare brands and dermatologists in the United States. All of our products are FDA approved and dermatologist-tested.

Why don't we offer discounts for our products?

Medical skin care is an investment and takes a lot of time and patience to find the best products for a client. Aside from the products, there are consultations and checkups. We don't offer discounts on products because they are high-quality, brand name products that are proved to work.

I plan to use the product for 3 months. So, I really could just do the checkup for 1 month and be fine after, right?

We advise against this. There are many variables (weather change, skin changes, etc.) that could cause an unpredictable change in your results. It is best to schedule check-ups throughout the process so we can help you stay on track.

If I'm in another state or country, can Aphrodite's Secret help me?

Yes! We offer our local services as well as reaching international customers others across the globe through video chat and WeChat.

Do you ship internationally?

We only offer domestic shipping.  Our international clients receive their packages through third party companies. It is your responsibility to track your package. International shipping can take a little longer, so make sure you place your order before you run out of products.

What is the best way to reach you?

Give us a call at (517) 507-9679, email us at, or chat with us at WeChat @aphsmakeup.