Latisse Eyelash Growth Serum

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Size: 5 ml

This product is available on prescription only. Please contact us to schedule a consultation.




In 2008, LATISSE® became the first prescription product FDA approved to grow eyelashes—fuller, longer, and darker.


What is LATISSE®?


Latisse is an FDA-approved, topical medication designed to grow thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes after 8-10 weeks. Latisse treatment is very safe, but there are certain eye conditions that could prevent you from being a candidate. Please inquire at your next appointment whether Latisse is for you!


How do you use LATISSE®?


You apply Latisse by dabbing it on the upper lash line each night with sterile applicators. The medication spreads to your lower lash line automatically as you blink. You should never apply it in your eyes. Before you apply Latisse, your face must be clean, and your makeup and contact lenses removed.

Always discard each applicator after one use of Latisse. Re-using applicators, even just once the next evening, can cause serious problems, such as an eye infection or allergic reaction. You should also apply it carefully, since Latisse may promote hair growth on other skin areas.

Because the average growth cycle of eyelashes is two months, you may begin seeing results for thicker and longer lashes at around 2 months of daily use. After three or four months, you may space out your treatments every two days.


Can LATISSE® be used on lower lashes?


Latisse should not be applied directly on lower lashes. This will help you avoid excess hair growth in unwanted areas. When you apply the treatment to your upper lashes, it spreads to your lower lash line as you blink.


What happens if you stop using LATISSE®?


If you stop using Latisse, your eyelashes will gradually return to their former state. Over several weeks or months, they will slowly begin to lose the extra thickness, length, and color provided by the medication.


How to apply LATISSE®?


  1. Remove a sterile applicator from its tray.
  2. While holding the applicator horizontally, place one drop of LATISSE® on the area of the applicator closest to the tip, but not on the tip itself.
  3. Immediately brush the applicator carefully along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes (where the eyelashes meet your skin), going from the inner part of your lash line to the outer part. Do not apply LATISSE® to the lower lid.
  4. Use a tissue to blot any excess solution that goes beyond the eyelid. Throw away the applicator. Each applicator should be used once. Repeat the steps for the opposite  eyelid with a new, sterile applicator.