Is Laser Removal Right for You?

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Brow trends aren't forever! The shape you like now might not be the shape you like 10 years from now.

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When your skin bleeds during a microblading or brow tattoo service, your color is more likely to turn blue or gray over time.



Small hair-like strokes that are created using a machine instead of a manual blade tool. 

Free Consultation

A short, no pressure appointment where we take a look at your existing brows and help you decide whether laser removal is the best option for you. 

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1 Session Fresh

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3 Sessions Healed

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1 Session Healed

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1 Session Fresh

"So how do I know what's right for me?"

Book Free Consultation

That's where we come in! It's our job to be the eyebrow experts so that you don't have to. We won't recommend a service that you don't need.

Our appointments are designed to give you all the information that you need with no pressure. 

Depending on how deep and dark your pigment is, we might recommend correction over removal. Sometimes laser removal isn't necessary! In some cases, we may recommend partial removal instead of complete removal, which can save you some hassle and get your eyebrows to their desired shape and color more quickly than a full removal could. 

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10+ Years of Brow Experience

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Full or Partial Removal

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AAM Board Certified

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Specialized Brow Laser

Why Choose Aphrodite's Secret for Laser Removal?

We Are Experienced

With over 10 years of experience with doing eyebrows every day, we know what we're doing. Unlike the average tattoo removal place, we're focused on doing what's best for your eyebrows.

Specialized Eyebrow Laser

Our specialized laser won't burn your eyebrow hairs and has less down time than regular lasers. Most clients have minimal scabbing.

We Care

We know what you've been through and we're determined to help in any way that we can. Because we specialize in eyebrows, we're able to offer you multiple solutions depending on your individual needs.

We Prioritize Education

We believe that continued education, both for our clients and for ourselves, is the most important part of the industry.

Rated 5 Stars on Google

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"10 stars! I had previous brow microblading and it was less than great. I also have uneven brows, one naturally higher than the other. This was taken into consideration and extra time was spent to get it just right. The atmosphere at the office is happy and encouraging, everyone so helpful. THANK YOU!!"

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"My experience with Aphrodite's Secret has been amazing. Everyone is so knowledgeable, responsive and kind. I feel in such good hands with them. I had Microblading done a few years ago at a different salon and had been disappointed with the results. Chan was able to not only correct the Microblading but make my eyebrows look so natural with her Ombré technique. I will never do Microblading again!"

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"I did microblading and shading in Ohio. After a few years without touch-ups), I reached out to Aphrodite's Secret to schedule a consultation. I learned during my consultation why my eyebrows had turned gray over the years. The previous artist ignored my skin tone when picking the color, so my red-undertoned skin didn’t retain the warm pigments. I love their attention the details and precision. I couldn’t recommend more this place!"

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