Medical Grade Skin Care Vs. Traditional Over the Counter Skin Care

Written by Bold Commerce Collaborator


Posted on November 22 2022

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The world of skin care can be very confusing. You probably go in circles trying new products friends recommended or that are trending for the moment but rarely get the results you want. Why is that? Well there could be a few reasons why this vicious cycle isn’t working for you. 

The truth is Over the counter products are highly ineffective in treating your skin. Often times these products only have a small amount of the active ingredients needed to help improve your skin. By law they are not allowed to add higher amounts that are usually needed to give you the results you’ve been looking for. These companies aren’t trying to trick you but are trying to protect you so that if the products are used wrong they won't damage your skin.

Medical grade skin care is constantly being researched and tested to ensure customers get proper treatments. These products have higher amounts of active ingredients therefore are more effective in treating your problem areas. Medical grade products are made to penetrate deeper layers of your skin whereas OTC products are only made to treat surface problems. When these products are used alongside the direction of a highly trained professional like an esthetician they prove to be very effective. 


Why you should consider making the switch…

Medical grade skin care is customizable for your skin type. We all have beautifully unique skin types which means we can’t always go by our friends' advice. What works really well for her may actually harm your skin which is why it’s so important that you seek out a trained professional. Not only will they know exactly how to treat your aggravating skin conditions but they will also keep track of what you're using. If a product is causing irritations they can quickly fix the issue whereas if you're doing the work on your own you’ll be back to the  guessing game at your local skin care shop. 

You get what you pay for. Over time you have probably collected a fair amount of OTC products that just didn’t work for you. They sit in the back corner of your bathroom cabinet just in case you decide to try them out again, even though you know they won't work for you. If you add it up you probably have a lot of money wrapped up in products you’ve tossed aside to move onto the next. Why not invest that money into a trained professional that can actively help you get the skin you desire. Not only will this end up saving you money in the long run it will save you something even more precious than a dollar, TIME! 

Years from now you will thank yourself for starting when you did. Every day our skin is exposed to pollutants, UV rays and toxins that can damage our skin. Why not do everything in your power to protect and treat your skin before it's too late. By investing in proper skin care now you will be less likely to need cosmetic treatments later to correct damage done. 

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