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Microblading Before Chemo Treatments: Is It a Good Idea?

While many salons may recommend microblading before chemotherapy, Aphrodite's Secret recommends a different approach. We do not recommend doing microblading prior to chemo treatments, even if the 

One of the primary reasons why we do not recommend microblading before chemotherapy is the uncertainty of how much eyebrow hair a patient will lose during treatment. Chemotherapy can cause varying degrees of hair loss, including eyebrows. It is hard to prepare for what level of hair loss each person might experience, and the technique required might change depending on hair loss amount.

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Additionally, microblading may not look as natural if there is no hair to blend into. The procedure relies on creating tiny, hair-like strokes to mimic the appearance of natural eyebrows. When the eyebrow hairs are lost, the microbladed strokes can become very obvious and look drawn on. This would not be noticeable until the hairs have fallen out.

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Another consideration is that it's hard to predict how your eyebrows will look with permanent makeup until you see how they regrow after chemo. The shape, texture, and density of regrown hair may differ from pre-treatment hair, affecting the overall appearance of any permanent makeup.

Instead of recommending microblading before chemotherapy, we suggest that cancer patients work with a brow studio who can provide guidance on drawing eyebrows that match their natural shape and color. This approach allows patients to maintain a natural appearance until they have a clearer understanding of the extent of their hair loss. It is a good idea for a patient to start working with a brow artist before beginning chemotherapy so that they have enough time to practice and understand their brow shape.

Once chemotherapy is completed, and the patient's hair has regrown sufficiently, permanent makeup can be considered as a more long-term solution. At this time, the patient can work with a skilled artist to create natural-looking eyebrows that enhance their appearance and boost their self-confidence.

It's essential for cancer patients to consult with their healthcare providers before undergoing any cosmetic procedures, including microblading. Infection risks are much higher during cancer treatment, and health should be the primary concern. We completely understand the level of insecurity that comes with losing brow hair, but it shouldn't outweigh your health.

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We do not recommend doing permanent brows before starting chemotherapy due to the uncertainty of eyebrow hair loss and the challenges of achieving a natural look without knowing what the brows will look like post-chemo.

Working with a brow studio or makeup artist to manage eyebrow appearance during treatment can sometimes be the best option throughout cancer treatment.

As always, a consultation is the best choice! We can go through all your options with you to hopefully help you feel more at ease about your chemo journey.

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