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Meet the Owner

Chan J Yang isn't just a brow and skin specialist; she's the CEO. You'll know you're in good hands when Chan is around. Her 10+ years of global experience make her a Master, and she continues to do regular eyebrow services every day alongside running the whole company. 

Chan founded Aphrodite's Secret in 2014 after working in the salon industry for several years. She's gold certified with the American Academy of Micropigmentation, but has also studied with masters around the world to perfect her technique.

Chan J Yang walks with her husband, each holding a hand of their 3 year old son as they swing him up in the air. All are smiling

Why Choose Chan?

Like a lot of moms, Chan wanted to feel like herself again after having her son! A plastic surgeon was quick to recommend cheek filler, and Chan was mostly just excited to hear someone offer a solution. 

But things weren't quite right after the cheek filler. She felt like a cartoon whose face had frozen, and she couldn't smile properly or be fully expressive. She decided that she needed to dissolve the filler. 

That was over 2 years ago! After a lot of time, money, and 6 or 7 different doctors, the filler is almost completely gone. 

This experience made Chan think about her own business. She didn't want her clients to go through anything similar. There are many clients who come into Aphrodite's Secret and are looking for correction and removal for work they had done elsewhere. 

We spend our consultations making sure that clients have all the information they need to make their own choices. Our website is full of educational articles, and we answer all questions honestly and thoroughly. We will always recommend other solutions if permanent makeup isn't necessarily the best choice. 

Sometimes clients come in looking for microblading, and they really just need a brow sculpt. We will always recommend the best option for our clients. Chan doesn't want anyone else to experience what she went through with her frozen cheeks! 

Why Choose Aphrodite's Secret?

We Are Experienced.

With over 10 years of experience and doing eyebrows and skincare every day, we know what we're doing.

We Only Do Natural.

We are confident that our results look very natural

We Care.

We follow up to make sure you're satisfied with your results. 

We Believe in Education.

We think that continued education, both for our clients and for ourselves, is the most important part of the industry.

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