Woman with microblading looking into a small hand mirror with a concerned look on her face.

I Gave My Client More Even Brows. Here's How: 

It's not uncommon for clients to arrive at our office with uneven brows. In fact, we expect almost every new consultation to have one brow that sits slightly higher than the other. 

With a few main considerations, we can help achieve more even and balanced brows for our clients. 

Here are the things that we have to keep in mind:

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1: Color

It is important to use a soft color. A dark color will only serve to make the difference more dramatic and more noticeable. Lighter and subtle colors are better because they don't draw attention to the eyebrows. Light and enhanced eyebrows can help frame the face without being the focal point and making the unevenness more obvious.

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2: Shape

Even though we're making changes to the brow shape, we don't want the changes to be too drastic. Small modifications to each brow should be enough to help balance the brows without completely abandoning their original placements. Theoretically, we could shave off both brows entirely and redraw them to be perfectly even! But the goal is to keep as much of the natural hair as possible while finding a middle ground between the two sides. A slight increase to the arch on one side, coming in towards the nose a little bit further on the other, and keeping the tails at roughly the same height can create a huge improvement.

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3: Method

With microblading, this slight shape adjustment would be much more obvious. If the strokes don't have enough real hair to blend in with, they often don't appear natural. In the small areas where we went beyond the client's natural hair to create a more balanced shape, microblading would have looked like an obvious attempt to adjust the shape of our client's brows. With ombre, we're able to create a much softer and subtle change that isn't easy to see. Most people will have no idea that our client has had anything done at all!

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4: Artist Experience

Brow artists often use precise measuring tools to ensure fully even brows, but it can't always be done that way. The brow bones have different shapes here: one is more rounded and one is flatter. This difference causes the brows to look very different, even if they're measured to be exactly the same.  An experienced brow artist will use the measuring techniques, but won't rely on them. Once I measured this client's brows, I took a step back, looked at the measurements, and then manually made small changes to the brows to make them visually match better. If you took out a ruler and measured these brows, would they be exactly the same? No. But when you look at them together, they look much more similar. 

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