The Importance of

Eyebrow Shape

At Aphrodite's Secret, we talk a lot about what kind of method would be best for our clients, but it's necessary that we also talk about shape. 

A lot of people seek brow enhancement because they're not happy with the shape of their brows. Even with regular waxing, their existing hair just doesn't fill out the shape that they really want. Many of those people have found themselves with microbladed brows as a solution to that problem. 

Eyebrow shapes follow trends throughout the years. Those who had access to a pair of tweezers in the 90s know exactly what that entails! The last twenty years has seen the rise and fall of several brow trends: the thin sharp arches of the early 2000s, the thick dark brows of the 2010s, the natural bushy brows of a few years ago, and finally the re-emergence of thin brows within the last year. 

With all these trends, there's only one constant: brow styles will change. 

A girl with a red undertone, before and after of ombre brow session, fuller brow with better shape in the before

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The beginning of the microblading trend in the United States lines up with the popularity of thick, dark, or bushy eyebrows. Sure, it fit with the style back in 2o12, but will the shape still look okay in 2022? Or in 2054? Long-term results are important to consider, and you can't make your brows look thinner again once you've had thick brows done. 

It is always best to find a consultant who is willing to work with your natural brow shape. When you use your natural shape as a baseline, it is easy to add to them with eyebrow pencil when looking for a more dramatic look.

If you find yourself in a situation where the brow specialist does not talk to you about shape, you should not have your eyebrows done with that specialist. We hear stories about microblading artists who do not show their client the shape they plan to do, and it never ends well. Similarly, if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable with the shape that your consultant is creating, it is important to speak up. It may be awkward to tell a specialist you don't like their shaping, but it will be even more awkward to spend the rest of your life with wacky looking brows. 

If you think that semi-permanent eyebrow enhancement might be for you, make sure to take a close look at the portfolios of specialists you go to. If they only seem to do one shape, they're going to work with the trends and not with what will look the most natural for you. If your artist goes too far beyond your natural shape, it will be easy to see the faded ink from behind your natural brow. 

Still feeling unsure? We know it can be confusing, so we designed a quiz that can help you get a better idea of what would be the best choice for you. While we still heavily encourage a consultation, the quiz is a great first step!

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