Should I Get My Microblading Removed?

Microblading took the beauty industry by storm, and maybe not in a good way.

In the pursuit of flawless eyebrows, microblading has become a go-to solution for many. However, as the demand for  microblading surges, so does regret. A significant number of individuals find themselves with uneven or discolored brows, a consequence of the growing number of inexperienced microblading artists.

Many of our new consultation clients are seeking help with existing microblading: either with correction or complete removal.

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Microblading Downfall: Uneven and Discolored Brows

Unfortunately, it only takes 2 days to earn certification for microblading. New permanent makeup artists are simply not experienced enough. Microblading also has a rather long list of contraindications, meaning that many people are not ideal candidates. Inexperienced artists will not have the expertise to deal with these contraindications or make other method recommendations to clients who should not get microblading.

Permanent makeup is not easy; it's an intricate process that demands a strong understanding of facial symmetry, skin tones and textures, and the nuances of individual features. Inexperienced artists may also lack the expertise needed to create brows that complement a person's unique characteristics, leading to uneven or asymmetrical brows. Discoloration is another issue, as inadequate knowledge of pigments and skin types can lead to unexpected shifts in color over time.

Laser Removal: A Road to Brow Recovery

For those dealing with the aftermath of inexperienced microblading, laser removal could be the best solution. Our advanced laser removal technology can target and break down unwanted pigments, offering individuals a chance to fade or eliminate the uneven or discolored results left by microblading without damaging the natural brow hairs

For the first time, it's almost easy to fix a bad microblading or brow tattoo job!

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Precision or Partial Removal

Laser removal provides a precise approach to correcting uneven brows, allowing for targeted treatment of specific areas.

If your areas of concern are small— tail too long, arch too high, uneven fronts— precision removal might be the best option for you!

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Full Removal

Do your brows just not work for you anymore? Whether it's color, shape, or a combination of both, sometimes it's easier to just start from scratch. 

Full removal is the best choice for people who want to completely change their brow look.

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Laser Color Correction

Sometimes your shape is okay, but the color has faded to blue or gray over time. 

In cases where the color is very dark or deep, a few sessions of laser removal can help fade the color enough to do a color correction. The color doesn't need to be entirely removed in this case, only lightened enough for correction.

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