I Regret My Microblading: What Can I Do?

As brow specialists, we see an unfortunate amount of botched microblading jobs. Whether they're uneven, blurry, gray, or scarred; we've seen them all. 

Did you know that it only takes a few days to earn a license for microblading? A few days isn't nearly long enough to learn everything you have to know about shaping, color theory, and technique. All of those things take time. Aphrodite's Secret has over 10 years of experience, and even we are learning new things all the time. 

These photos are not our work, but people who have come to us looking for help with their dark or uneven microblading. Each case is different, and not everyone is able to get correction work done.

This client is probably better suited for removal. With thick, dark, and solid eyebrows, the amount of correction a brow artist can do is minimal.

before and after photos of an eyebrow lamination. In the before, many of the hairs go downwards and there are empty patches. The after shows full fluffy brows using the existing hair to cover the bare patches.

Don't Go Back!

When clients come to us and say

"I want to check all my options"

we are ecstatic! A lot of people try going back to the same salon multiple times , even when they're not happy with the results. With microblading, a touch-up isn't going to help. If the strokes have blurred, fresh sharp strokes on top of the blurred ones are not going to make much of a difference. The blurry pigment will still be there. Additional strokes will just lead to thicker and less natural looking brow hairs.

For people with gray or black discoloration, more sessions of microblading will only aggravate the issue. The bleeding during microblading is what causes the discoloration. When the blood mixes with the pigment in the strokes, the color is likely to turn gray.

Do I Need Removal?

Whether you need to have your old pigment removed or not depends on a lot of things. The most important aspect is probably shape. If the brows are super thick or uneven, there isn't much correction that can be done and removal might be the recommendation. 

If the color is super black or dark, going over the brows with a different color isn't necessarily going to resolve the darkness. It's very difficult to make eyebrows lighter once they're too dark.

For light gray or uneven coloration, correction is possible, and we do it a lot!

This client is a good candidate for correction. The shape isn't too thick and the color is a gray instead of a black or blue. 

How Do I Avoid Bad Microblading?

The easiest answer: You can avoid bad microblading by avoiding microblading. 

We offered microblading when we started Aphrodite's Secret, and we quickly realized that it's just not a great fit for most people. There are very specific conditions that have to be met to make someone a good candidate for microblading: skin texture, skin color, age, skin type, how much time is spent in the sun, and many other factors. If someone fails to meet even one of those conditions, it's unlikely that microblading will be a good choice for them. There's just not that many people who have even, pale but without a red undertone, firm skin that isn't oily OR dry. 

And even then, the risk of strokes blurring or turning an ugly color increases with each touch-up session. It's just not worth it. 

The best thing you can do is learn all the information that you can about permanent eyebrows, find a reputable artist that offers multiple methods, and get a recommendation through a consultation.

Do Your Research.

There are four very important aspects to permanent makeup, and each of them has be considered before anything permanent goes on your face. 

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