Woman with microblading looking into a small hand mirror with a concerned look on her face.

Top 5 Ways to Avoid Microblading Regret

Believe it or not, a lot of people regret their decision to microblade their eyebrows. 

Either due to an inexperienced artist, the wrong color, unevenness, or a change in eyebrow shape trends, many clients seek us out to help with their post-microblading regret. We see people when their microblading is fresh and people who had their brows done 6+ years ago. And while we love our new clients, we would love to help end the trend of microblading regret!

Here are the things that you should know to avoid a bad or inexperienced artist:

Woman with microblading looking into a small hand mirror with a concerned look on her face.
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1: Long Procedure? Worse Result.

The longer your eyebrow service takes, the more inflamed and irritated the skin becomes. The longer your service takes, the more likely it is that the skin will bleed. When that blood mixes with the pigment, your brows could turn out gray or blue! If your artist says that the service time will be over 2 hours (not including consultation, balancing, color selection, and paperwork), we recommend that you find a different artist, It is unlikely that you will have the expected color and shape result after spending 3+ hours under the needle or blade. Ideally, the actual time that the artist is using blades or needles on your brows should be less than an hour. 

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2: Numbing: Not Always.

Did you know that numbing can actually cause a worse result? When the skin is numbed, the artist is able to deposit the pigment deeper into the skin without causing pain. This can actually lead to a clumsier result, and can increase the chance of heavy bleeding. Numbing also makes the skin more tender and more likely to bleed, even if you don't feel it. This means more bleeding and possible swelling. When the skin bleeds during an eyebrow service, the pigment mixes with the blood and can result in blue or gray eyebrows. Without numbing, the artist is required to have a lighter and more experienced touch. 

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3: Balancing Takes Time.

Even though it's commonly believed that microblading is only semi-permanent, most people are stuck with the pigment in their skin for much longer, even decades. Because of this, a large amount of time during the appointment should be spent making sure that the brows are as even as possible. While the actual service should be short, the balancing process should be very thorough. This should go beyond exact measurements. Your artist should balance your brows while you're sitting, standing, talking, and they should always check evenness with a mirror and camera. 

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4: You Get What You Pay For.

Say it with me: It's cheap for a reason! A good artist will value their time higher, and this is a good thing. If someone has been doing eyebrows for over 10 years, has a regular client base, and can easily bring in new clients through a large social media following, why would they offer a huge discount on their services? If you're seeing an online coupon for more than $100 off of service, it's likely to be student or apprentice work. If you want to 

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5: Always Have a Consultation.

If an artist is offering for you to just come in and get your eyebrows done without setting up a consultation, that's a red flag. How do they know what kind of shape you like? How do they know that you fully understand the procedure? You should always always always have a consultation first. And generally, that consultation should be free, with no pressure to immediately follow through with making a service. A good artist is able to offer free consultations because they know that their work speaks for itself.

Microblading Regret

blurry gray microblading strokes
gray patchy microblading
thick blue microblading strokes
thick blurry microblading strokes on mature skin

I'm part of the age group that would be considered ideal for microblading, but I still wouldn't risk it. I might be fine for one session of microblading, and my color might fade to a reasonable color. But after that, I'm left with needing frequent touch-ups. Every touch-up increases the risk of scar tissue or brows that don't fade properly. I wouldn't want to take that chance. 

What do I do if I regret my microblading?

Getting information is a great way to start! We've built our business around the importance of education, both for ourselves and for our clients. We believe that every client should have the information that they need to make the best decision for their individual brow needs. 

Usually, the options are: correction/cover-up, laser removal, or letting it fade. If you have old microblading, and you're not sure what your options are, we offer free consultations where we can offer a recommendation on how to best proceed with your specific case. 

Don't want to take the chance? 

Book a consultation with Aphrodite's Secret. 

We don't use numbing, but most of our clients don't experience any pain. 

Our procedures are short! Most of our appointment time is taken up by our eyebrow balancing process. We balance while our clients are sitting, standing, talking, and double check everything with a mirror and camera. 

Our consultations are completely free, with absolutely no pressure to follow through with service. During that consultation, we go over method, shape, and color, as well as giving you all the information that you need to make your decision.

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