Help! My Brows Are Darker After My First Laser Removal!

I thought the laser was supposed to remove my old microblading, not make it darker!

Obviously the goal of laser removal is to lighten the pigment over time until it's either fully removed or it's light enough to cover with a better method and shape.  

But progress isn't linear! Sometimes the color has to turn darker before it lightens!

The three different layers of the skin, separated by epidermis, dermis, and hipodermis


With laser removal, there are different light wavelengths that target different pigment colors. If you look at the color chart below, you can see that the wavelengths that remove red/orange/yellow pigments will not remove black or blue pigments. 

But Why Does it Look Darker?

When you have a very dark color like black or gray, and you mix a little bit of orange or red into that color, it will appear lighter. Removing that warm color again will make it appear darker. So when we target the warm tones in old microblading or tattoo, there's a good chance that the brows will be darker.

This is a good thing! Usually, warm colors are harder to remove. If we see your eyebrows darken significantly after the first laser removal session, it means that we were successful in removing some of that more stubborn coloration. 

Once we're done removing the warm tones, the blacks and blues are easy!

A graphic that displays how laser removing the orange and red pigment from the brow will cause it to look grayer and darker at first.

Why Target the Warm Tones First?

We target the warm tones first because they are more difficult to remove. Laser removal is most effective against black and blue colors, which is good news for a lot of our clients! We have found that attempting to remove the warm tones first leads to a better success rate than the other way around. If we removed the black and blue pigment first, it's very likely that we'd be left with stubborn red brows after a few sessions.

We want to give you the best chance for successful laser removal! 

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