Permanent Brows: Between Touch-Ups

So you have your permanent brows! But... now what? What kind of upkeep and maintenance is expected of you with nano or ombre brows?

1 year healed photo of a woman with ombre brows that still look well-defined at 1 year

Touch-Up Schedule

We set up yearly appointments with all of our permanent makeup clients. While many of our clients won't need a touch-up at one year, we like to check in regardless! It's best to come in for a quick appointment to see if you need the touch-up. We can always just take a look and reschedule the touch-up for 6 months or a year down the road, if it's not needed! 

Seasonal Expectations

Your brows are likely to fade faster in the sun! If you spend a lot of time in the sun, be sure that you are wearing sunscreen (you should be doing this anyway!), and consider wearing a hat for days that you expect to be out in the sun for long periods of time. 

If you're scheduled for a touch-up at the beginning of summer, consider pushing back your appointment until September! Your brows will stay a more vibrant color for longer when you book your appointment at the end of the summer. 

Let It Fade

It's important that you not rush for a touch-up as soon as the color begins to slightly fade, or if a small spot begins fading more than the rest of the brow. You need to let your brows evenly fade a certain amount before getting a color boost so that you can preserve the natural color. Touching up too often can result in brows that are too dark and solid.

Touching up small spots can lead to an overall uneven color. When you fill in one spot, the other areas will appear to need touch-ups sooner. This will cause you to spend more money on frequent touch-ups in an attempt to keep the color even. It is best to wait until the color has evenly faded for a touch-up. 

Skincare Products and Your Brows

Some stronger skincare medications or products will have an effect on the longevity of your brows. Things like Retinol or Glycolic Acids may cause your brows to fade faster. 

Our clients have had success using these products while still maintaining the life of their brows by covering their eyebrow area in a thin layer of Vaseline or other petroleum jelly before applying their skincare. This prevents the products from migrating to the brow area during the application, and will stop the pigment from being affected.