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Skin Consultation FAQ

Please review this page to answer some frequently asked questions about the new version of our skin consultations. These "skin sessions" or "skin packages" are more in depth and really allow the client to tailor how often they want to meet. 

What is Aphrodite's Secret?

We are the largest #1 medical skincare consulting company in Michigan. Our goal is to make sure that we match you with the most effective regimen to get the skin you want. We offer consultation services locally and internationally. We have a very experienced experts.

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Medical skin care vs. Drug store skin care

Medical-grade skincare products have higher dosages of ingredients derived from years of research and testing to prove that our products work. Over-the-counter skincare products do not have the same regulations. We carry only the best medical skincare products. Besides our online consulting services, we also offer medical skincare consultations.

Why Do I need consulting, Can't I just buy the products?

Medical-grade skincare products have higher levels of ingredients derived from years of research and testing to prove that our products work. These products can only be sold in dermatologist offices or esthetician ran spas. These professionals are able to advise the user for the best results. Over-the-counter skincare products have a more strict ingredient policy because there are not readily available professionals at local drug stores to help out the consumer. We carry only the best medical skincare products. 

During our consultations we evaluate skin composition, client regimen, enjoinment, occupation, diet, age, and previous topical medications  used to treat skin concerns. All of these factors can effect how your skin interacts with the products in our cataloged. We carefully design the best regimen for you and re-evaluate the progress in relation to your skin goals before each additional consultation.  

How long until I see results?

 In order for a medical skincare regimen to work, we need to create a long-term, client relationship to analyze the skin through the process. During the consultation, we will learn about you, your skin type, and your skincare goals. Once we gather the needed information, one of our educated estheticians will hand-pick the best products for your skin care regimen. After using the new products for a while, we can analyze how the skin is reacting to the products and adjust dosages where we see fit.

Even with higher levels of ingredients in their more pure forms clients will see immediate results after 2 weeks, and long lasting results after 3 months. Keep in mind results come from consistent usage of the products listed on your regimen with no additional products used. Why are we so strict? We have researched and tested our products in all variations. We know how to give our clients results safely, when a client adds in an outside product there is a possibility or skewed results. 

Why do you only offer a few products from limited brands?

Our estheticians attend skincare conventions for medical-grade skincare companies every year to narrow down only the best brands to partner with. We hand-pick the best products for each client based on information discovered during consultations and checkups.

Where are the AS products From?

 We partner with different medical skincare brands and dermatologists in the United States. All of our products are FDA approved and dermatologist-tested.

How can I contact you?

Give us a call at (517) 507-9679, email us at, or chat with us at WeChat @aphsmakeup.