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Healthy Skin Membership Plans

Whether your a product expert or just dipping your toe into professional skin care Aphrodite's Secret consultant team is here for you every step of the way. That's why we provide FREE Skin Checkups with every AS membership. We believe healthy glowing skin can be achieved by EVERYONE no matter how bad you think your skin might be in the moment. Think of your AS consultant as your trainer and accountability partner. We are here to ensure only results from this day forward.

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The Secret

Other Consultations can be expensive, not only in money but in time. It can be impersonal with the consultants focusing more on the sale than their client.

What Makes AS so different? We are here whenever our clients need a little more support. FREE monthly follow ups are provided for clients who need someone to be with them every step of the way. Once you have a handle on your skin we step back and let you flourish, but just know we are always right there when you need us. 

 Our goal at Aphrodite's Secret is to make your cost effective membership plan work for you like a $2,000 dollar skin treatment. Our consultant's focus is the same as yours; The results. Becoming an AS member is simple and it saves you money by receiving a customized regimen guaranteed to give you measurable results. We take all the guessing out of trying products and services that might not work. 

The secret to healthy skin is out, and we are telling everyone.

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Best For Reactive Skin

“My skin is always irritated or red. I have a lot of breakouts or acne scarring”

This plan is made especially for new clients who have mid to serve acne, sensitivity, or acne scaring. Using FREE monthly checkups are highly recommended with this plan because your skin is going to go through a lot of changes.

Switching between products will happen and an AS consultant is trained to help you navigate through your skin's transition cycle with expert tips and advice. 

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Best For Stable Skin

"My skin breakouts every once in a while but I want my skin to look more glowy. I am more worried about fine lines and wrinkles."

This plan is better suited for clients who do no experience excessive breakouts and instead are more focused on acne scares, fine lines and wrinkles, or dull dehydrated skin that needs a pick me up.

Our Skin Checkups are still recommended for this membership every two to three months to ensure product effectiveness and skin improvement.

Problems should be targeted one at a time. For the best results and a consultant and work with you to curate the best products that won't irritate or over exfoliate your skin. 

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AS Consulting: Free MONTHLY consultations with clients. This means in order for it to be a free service they have to commit to participating in monthly or yearly skin  “checkups” with a consultant. They MUST upload pictures and skin survey 3-5 days before consultation. Failure to do so will result in an automatic rescheduling fee of $10 dollars.

A $100 enrollment fee will be applied to all first time purchases of the membership. This is a one time fee and will not be billed monthly. 

The Best Kept Secret: How it Works

Step 1: The Consult

The first step to healthy skin starts with the first meeting between you and your AS consultant. You will discuss your skin concerns, current skin routine, and outside factors that could be effecting your skin.

Step 2: Customized Regimen

A customized AM/PM regimen will be curated for you after your first consultation. These products are strategically listed for optimal absorption. This strict regimen is designed to show measurable results month by month. Follow the regimen strictly for best results.

Step 3: Follow up

Think of us like a personal trainer, but for your skin! For the best results we recommend you meet with us consistently. This allows us to track your product usage and skin improvement. If we feel your skin is not showing results we can increase usage, swap out products, or add to your regimen. 

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Cancellation Policy

Our monthly and yearly memberships have a 3-month minimum.

You do have a statutory legal right to cancel any membership of any kind within 14 days of your first purchase, with no further charges, as long as you don’t have an order pending or have already purchased products, but keep in mind, cancelling forfeits any unused store credit applied to the account or any pre-existing schedule skin checkups.
After the 14 days have expired all purchases are non-refundable.

All payments toward the Aphrodite's Secret memberships are non-refundable including the $100 enrollment fee. 


When you give me my customized regimens, will they only be AS products?
No. It completely depends on your skin. Our AS consultants are experienced and will customize your regimen based on what your skin needs. We carry the best of several Medical skin care (MD) brands in order to deliver the most effective results. All the products we offer have been personally tested to ensure they work well with each other. We would never offer a product combination to our clients that we do not use on ourselves at home.
I just want to use the service, not the products. Will my skin still improve?
Chemical peels and injections do help improve your skin. However, the effects are temporary. What really makes the difference is you at home regimen. Your skin needs constant stimulation to keep up the amazing results you received at your professional spa. By using an effective home regimen it can save you money. Medical spas only use products of medical grade. Usually the same products they offer to purchase are from the same brands they used during your peels, laser treatments, or injections. Now when you book your next service you might not need as strong of a peel as your previous treatment, saving money.

Can I mix products from my current skincare with the AS products you give to me?

The MD skincare system from cleanser to moisturizer are especially formulated with highly concentrated active ingredients to help one another. Meaning, that MD toner you’re using isn’t just to make a sale. By using that toner it balances your skin’s pH so that it’s ready to adequately absorb your serums, and then those serums plump and soften your skin so your targeted treatment, for example Intensive clarity treatment (ICT), can penetrate more deeply into the layers of skin and target your acne at the root.
If you try mixing your old products with our MD products the effects will not be the same and you will not see the improvements. Your consultant will not be able to properly track your product dosage and in the end, you will not see the results you could have seen if you strictly followed our regimen. When you have a problem with your skin, it is harder to determine the cause when you introduce a product outside of the regimen your consultant provides to you. We wish it was easy to swap in your favorite luxury brands, but it adds too many variables. We won’t be able to pinpoint the correct cause of your acne, aging, or irritated skin to remove the problem because we know nothing about the luxury products you add. We are not here to sell to you, we are here to see the results; this is why we are very strict with our plans because there is a science behind medical skincare and it works.
With this strict plan we not only monitor your skin but your product usage. We know when you should be finishing up a dosage of a product. This knowledge allows us to measure improvement. If your skin is not improving to our standards, we will increase the dosage of a product or completely replace it. 

My skin is healed. Can I go back to using my previous products, use products my friends recommend, or popular items I want to try?
When you care for your skin with Medical skincare you’re using clinically backed vitamins, acids, and active ingredients that aid in cell turnover, increase collagen, reduce acne breakouts, lighten hyper pigmentation, and reverse the signs of aging. These are not just claims. Every MD brand that puts a product out is legally obligated to undergo lengthy tests to prove the product works safely and effectively.
Medical grade skincare is not medicine. It does not cure your skin of its issues. It treats and protects your skin to prevent your concerns from becoming worse.
When you stop following your regimen your skin will know. In most cases we have had clients who wanted to go back to their previous luxury skincare routine and once they did they noticed a negative change in their skin. This is not because your skin has become dependent on our products. What happens is your skin is no longer getting the benefits from MD products. Your oil production is no longer controlled, the level of exfoliation in your skin is efficient, and the bacteria removing ingredients you once used are no longer present. This can result in textured, broken out, irritated, or oily skin. In almost all these cases our clients come back to us and we have to start them over on a recovery regimen to heal their reactive skin. We always strongly recommend to keep up with your Medical grade skin care regimen. Your skin will thank you.
Take this for example. You’ve been training hard all winter for the perfect beach body. By May you are looking and feeling great. Do you go back to eating cheeseburgers after all that exercise? No way!
If you really want to maintain that summer body all season long you still must spend some time in gym. You might not have to push yourself as much but to keep your muscle mass of lean figure maintenance is required.
It’s the same with your skin. Once your skin has healed and it looks healthy you need to maintain it. Your consultant will customize a regimen that will balance and regulate your newfound healthy skin. Many OTC won’t be able to do the same thing and you will most likely end up exactly where you started. If the products you were using before did not work why would you want to go back?

Why don’t we get product sales/deals?
In most cases when you purchase a MD product at a “deep” discount there is a sinister reason for it. These products could be close to or past expiration date. When this happens the ingredients inside have oxidized or turned rancid. Your product will have a significantly reduced effect and can potentially harm your face. We work closely with our inventory’s companies, they personally have investigated and purchased these discount items only to test them and show the continents are water mixed with other moisturizers or shampoo!
People come to see us for results. Skin is the first thing people notice and we don’t want to mess it up. We treat our clients like family and will never try to trick you by selling near expired products and pass it off as a deal to make money. Medical skincare is medical and if expired or even passed off as something its not, it can be very dangerous.
We only send out client’s products that are fresh and check every product's expiration date before sending it to you. When our products are near their expiration we send it back to the manufacturer, take on the restocking fee, and ask for a new product to be shipped to us.
If you need the discount, we can work with you and provide you with our products that are near expiration but be aware these products can easily contain bacteria that can be harmful to the skin.
We value your customers and their loyalty and continuously try to improve our customer service to reflect that. We have store credit options for our membership clients who have been with us for a year or more. We also offer free domestic shipping over $100 and we post promotions for products on our social medias!

What is the difference between Medical skincare and Traditional skincare?
The truth is OTC products are highly ineffective in treating your skin if you are looking for noticeable results in a shorter span of time. Oftentimes these products only have a small amount of the active ingredients needed to help improve your skin. By law they are not allowed to add higher amounts that are usually needed to give you the results you’ve been looking for. These companies aren’t trying to trick you but are trying to protect you so that if the products are used wrong, they won't damage your skin.
Medical grade skin care is constantly being researched and tested to ensure customers get proper treatments. These products have higher amounts of active ingredients therefore are more effective in treating your problem areas. Medical grade products are made to penetrate deeper into the layers of your skin, whereas OTC products are only made to treat surface problems. When these products are used alongside the direction of a highly trained professional, like an esthetician, you will see the results.