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Chan J. Yang's Theory


"When I became an esthetician, I started my business by doing basic spa services such as facials, chemical peels and selling non-medical skin care products to my clients. After being in business for several months, I noticed that there are different types of skin and that daily home care is imperative to healthy skin. While facials and chemical peels are important adjuncts to skin care, what you use at home is just as important, if not more.

Aphrodite’s Secret is different because we provide clients with a unique approach to skin care. Products that we sell have been tested in-house to ensure efficacy. In addition, Aphrodite’s Secret assures that clients have success with the products by following up with clients in order to personally customize products to meet their individual skin care needs. 

Aphrodite’s Secret is the culmination of years of research in the field of skin care. This includes consultations with dermatologists, countless research articles, and staying up to date with new skin care technologies. Our catalog of skin care products is revised yearly based on what has worked best for our clients. As a result, Aphrodite’s Secret is knowledgeable about the types of products each client needs.

Aphrodite’s Secret recommends a variety of brands to give our clients the perfect daily skin care regimen. This helps to saves our clients money by only giving them the products that they need and by steering them away from products that may not be as effective. In this way, Aphrodite’s Secret helps clients improve their results.