Microblading Color Correction - What it takes & Expectation

Written by Robbie Metcalf


Posted on November 22 2022

What Is Microblading Color Correction?

Microblading, or eyebrow tattoo color correction, is a way to improve the look of unattractive microblading fading by disguising the pigments that have shifted color over time, or in case of wrong pigment color choice.

We have been seeing more and more clients coming in with faded results of microblading that have turned blue-grayish, green, red, even purplish. One option for dealing with those unwanted pigments is laser or saline removal, but an alternative is permanent makeup color correction with PMU pigments.

What the treatment basically means is applying an additional layer of pigment in the opposite color to the one the pigments have faded into over the unwanted results. The color on the opposite side of the color wheel will neutralize the unattractive shade and significantly diminish its visibility.

To give an example, for eyebrow color correction of red residues, an olive shade pigment needs to be tattooed over them. We know how this sounds, but this won’t leave you with green eyebrows; the new color will neutralize the old one and the result is a brownish shade that can then be further corrected into the desired shade.

How to choose the right microblading needles/blades


How many sessions until goal color is reached?

Like all PMU services, nothing is guaranteed. Ultimately going in to correct PMU color is more difficult and time consuming than laying color on virgin brows. The typical two session requirement can actually look something more like four or six depending on how deep the original color was or how sensitive the client's skin is. Our price of correction starts at $100 for one session. This price is added on top of any additional PMU services such as color change or shape correction. 


Case Study: Blue/Grey Correction

Before Photo: Brows are grey and patchy. One brow has more arch than the other.

Method of correction:

1st session: 3 layers of our grey corrector 

2nd session: Evaluate color. Fortunately this client's brows were not a deep shade of grey. We concluded the corrected color was light enough to proceed.


This is not the case for all clients. The goal of every color correction is to lighten up the color underneath as much as possible before adding the final color. This ensures the best results. It can sometimes be a long process with four to six sessions. Please keep this in mind when booking an appointment. 

After Photo

For the finished look we went in with a light brown color that had grey naturalizing undertones to further fade out the tattoo underneath. The end results look amazing and client left feeling so much more confident! 


Final Note on Color Correction of Eyebrows

Color correction is a great way to cover up old, unwanted PMU pigments that have faded unattractively. However, the results of new PMU afterwards can never match up to the crisp, super-defined microblading done on virgin skin, and plus, you can only get eyebrow tattoo color correction so many times before the skin gets over-saturated.

So in order to make your PMU journey as pleasant as possible, choose an artist for your initial session carefully, and make an effort to maintain your results as fresh as possible for as long as possible.