Brow Mapping

Written by Marketing AS


Posted on November 18 2022

At Aphrodite’s Secret, we make it a point to give our client’s the best service possible, which includes shaping their eyebrows to fit their eyes and face.  Whether clients have naturally uneven brows, not a lot of hair on the brow, or just need a little bit of a clean-up, our brow artists always make sure to take time to map out their brows to make sure they are perfect. This is not a separate service, but something we do to prepare the brows for other services.

If you're looking to have your brows mapped for a wax, check out our brow sculpt service. 

What is brow mapping?

Brow mapping is just as it sounds: our brow artists look at the shape of the natural brow bones and create a map that helps them to see how to best create a brow look, especially when doing procedures like microblading.

The process involves measuring different parts of the brow to create the illusion of symmetry of the face, even if the client’s brows are naturally uneven. The measurements are done with an eyebrow pencil and are wiped away as the procedures are done to ensure that the brows are as even as possible and clients walk away with renewed confidence.


How long does it take?

Depending on the natural shape of the client’s brows and the type of service that they are having performed, mapping can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.  The details are incredibly important to our artists, so they will take their time to make sure that everything is perfect before doing anything else within the service.

Does it cost extra?

No!  Mapping is standard in any of our services, so we consider it a part of the appointment, meaning there is no extra charge for it.