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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique used to create the illusion of fuller brows. Either manually or mechanically, pigment is deposited into the top layer or skin for a 3D effect that looks very natural. When done correctly, a microblading service can last up to a year before needing a touch up.  

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Classic Microblading Look

The hair like stokes of microblading is very popular, but isn't always right for every skin type and eyebrow shape. 

For clients with a oily-skin type or spars brows we recommended the ombre eyebrow technique to deliever the illusion of naturally thick eyebrows. 

What is Ombre eyebrow and how is it different from Microblading?

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The ombre style is a combination of microblading and microshading.

The biggest difference between the two semi-permanent eyebrow styling techniques is how the pigment is deposited into the skin. Microblading uses a handheld tool to carve small cuts into the skin, whereas Ombre brows are done using a machine. The ombre powder technique is a bit less invasive than that of microblading.

Microblading uses a hair-like stroke technique that gives the appearance of bushy naturally full brows. But this look is outdated and for many of our clients who either have very sparse brows or fuller brows that need more volume, classic microblading would cause the eyebrow to look disconnected. On a client with little to no eyebrow hair, it can look fake.

The picture shown on the left is a real client who received our ombre microblading service. The combination of hair stokes with a light tone of shading brought more life to her brows!

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Aphrodite's Secret Favorite: Ombre Eyebrow is the new natural

Tattooed eyebrows in which the tattooing needle penetrates the dermis layer of the skin gives the ink a flat appearance.

The ombre eyebrow is an amazing technique, first developed in Asia, and has been around for decades. With gradual improvement over the years. It gives great definition & depth to the eyebrows.

It is particularly recommended for everyone but does especially well for women with oily skin or combination skin or anyone who fills in their brows regularly with pencil or shadow. 


Price is decided on two factors the amount of eyebrow hair you have and your desired look. Pricing starts at $375.

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Free Consulation

Aphrodite's Secret offers free consultations for all clients who desire the microblading service. During this consultations one of our Master Eyebrow specialists will free-hand draw in your eyebrows to fit your face and lifestyle. 


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